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A product of the mid-70’s England industrial music community that also gave rise to Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire, Clock DVA emerged in late 1977 and early 1978, after the demise of the Experimental Electronic Trio The Future which evolved into the Human League. Clock DVA was founded by Adi Newton and Steven James Turner. The first official release was the album White souls in black suits issued on Throbbing Gristle’s Industrial records.  This was followed by the classic album THIRST on Fetish Records. Other albums including Man-Amplified and Buried Dreams followed on Polydor, Interfisch, and Contempo.

The sonic language of ClockDVA is rich and covers a wide range of styles. Adi Newton reactivated Clock DVA along with his creative partner Jane Radion Newton in 2008. Since 2011 Clock DVA has performed at several electronic music festivals and venues throughout Europe with a new line-up consisting of Newton, Maurizio “TeZ” Martinucci, and Panagiotis Tomaras.

In November 2011, a new Clock DVA track “Phase IV” was featured on the Wroclaw Industrial Festival compilation album. In January 2012, German record label Vinyl on Demand announced Horology, a vinyl box set compilation of early (1978–1980) Clock DVA material.[11] Later on, the demo recordings included in this box set, namely Lomticks of Time, 2nd, Sex Works Beyond Entanglement, Deep Floor, and Fragment were reissued separately in early 2016. Since then, other sets have been released: Horology I, II, and III. The book Horology IV is currently being printed and is due for release.

A historical overview exhibition of Clock DVA (photographs, video, and audio) took place at the Melkweg cultural centre, Amsterdam, the Netherlands in February/March 2012. In July 2013, a new Clock DVA album called Post-Sign was released on Anterior Research. It was produced and composed by Adi Newton in 1994–95 as an instrumental companion album to Sign, though it remained unreleased at that time due to problems with record labels.

Mute Records are set to re-release the eight Clock DVA albums remastered in 2019. Clock DVA released the album Clock 2 on a USB drive through their label Anterior Research. This limited edition release consists of 3 new studio tracks and various remixes of them, in addition to 4 video files. A 12″ called Re-Konstructor / Re-Kabaret 13 was released shortly after. A further EP, Neo Post Sign, containing tracks recorded 1995-96 but omitted from the Post-Sign album, was released early 2015. This was followed by the Minimax clear CD “Neoteric” in 2016 followed by the “RMX X2” and “RMX X4” 12/45 and box edition featuring mixes by Jack Dangers and Boris Divider & Wrangler. A new album is being finalized and the first three DVA / MUTE back catalog has been mastered and will be ready for release which is currently being planned for 2020-21.

The Fabric of the history of Industrial and Experimental music.

After the early electronic based music DVA developed work with live instrumentation in the sense of no pre programmed rhythms or sequences so that it was possible to shift time and dynamic content in a fluid and unobstructed way allowing for what positive psychology refers to as Flow.

Clock Dva are full of fear. Insecurity, shadows. But there is a smileingness, a love at the root. This constant shift comes out in the music. They favour a rich, dark and very sensuous noise, a noise that is hard and deep and most of all wide. It is the  kind of stock girl-not-onthe-end-of-the-phone emotive personal drama you’d expect to meet on Sweet or Chicory Tip or Dollar b-sides. But surely not ClockDVA And here it is, shimmying, delighting with Adi’s normally deep growIing realblues voice close to tears. Remarkable.

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