The Future

In 1977 Adi Newton became a founding member of the trio “THE FUTURE “ The group members consisted of Martyn Ware, Synthesizer, Ian Craig Marsh, Synthesizer and Adi Newton, Tape Machines tape loops & Treatments. The main concept of The Future was the development of a totally electronic-based music group void of conventional instrumentation and a democratic of personalities.


As part of this, a system of democratic writing was developed called C.A.R.L.O.S. (Cyclic And Random Lyric Organizational System), a kind of word permutation technique that relates to similar techniques such as the one developed by Brion Gysin and William Burroughs. With this technique, a cyclic vocal arrangement was also employed to overcome the convention of a lead vocalist. The future ended before it really started and this was due to two main reasons unlike the one stated on BLIND YOUTH the official Human League site, at this point Adi Newton did not own a Synthesizer and used only an array of tape recorders and devices to treat loops and recordings and this atmospheric and avant-garde musique concrete form of composition was too radical/unmusical to incorporate within what was envisaged should become a more accessible music group the evidence of this can be seen in the early Human League Tracks “Rock and Roll part 1” and the “Gordons gin” Cinema advert one can not imagine how treated tape loops could be incorporated into such commercial popular music compositions.

The second factor is no group can support two leaders or individual visions that incorporate a different aesthetic, as Adi’s interests where more based on the use of electro-acoustic as well as pure electronic synthesis, regardless of its failings and ultimately it giving way to the more conventional electronic pop of the Human League The Future did, however, create several interesting and advanced tracks such ”LOOKING FOR THE BLACK HAIRED GIRLS” based around the notorious NYC serial killer Son of Sam in the summer of 1977 and Newton’s personal favorite the atmospheric FUTURE RELIGION and other Tracks BLANK CLOCKS, and ALMOST MEDIEVAL the later was developed and appeared under the same name and structure in the Human League canon as did the track DANCEVISION, the future original of which according to Newton is far better technically from the playing aspect, than the more produced version that appeared again under the Human League output. (See GOLDEN HOUR OF THE FUTURE .)


But from The futures transmutation came forth, both the Human League and Clock-DVA both of which reached different pinnacles far greater than what they could have foreseen. After The Future ended Adi Newton Founded his own group ClockDVA with Steven J Turner aka “Jud.” The Name ClockDVA was devised and based on two elements:

The first element the symbolic representation of Time, The Clock, a mechanical machine developed to chronologically measure the quadrants of solar and lunar movements developed throughout evolution and recently found to predate our previous theories of its origination. The idea inherent in Horology is concerned with quantum mechanics and astrophysics as well as Magick and surrealism, The Roto, Taro cyclic wheel of eternal reoccurrence.

The second element is the Russian /Nadsat term found in the glossary of Anthony Burges Clockwork Orange, DVA which equals the number 2 / TWO and this element is based on numerology, the kabbalistic system of numbers that hold the mathematical formula and meanings behind all words. The sum of AVD or AUD is 11 which is the master number and the number of Magick, or energy tending to change, DVA is the reversal of AVD Black Light.

DVA began by developing experimental material and recording all of their sound experiments using chance and aleatory methods as a Magickal process to build up a large archive of recordings. At this stage DVA employed around 7 Open reel to reel Tape recorders, Some used as loop playback devices and the other tape recorders used as just tape playback, the main Open Reel was employed as a master recorder, all of these archival recordings have over the last few years been digitally transferred and archived and a collection of this material has been edited and digitally mastered. The original ClockDVA sound is very electronic nearer to Buried Dreams and the recently unreleased Harmonia with Eno album Tracks& Traces 1976 and Nue with shades of early electronic pioneers such as Walter/Wendy Carlos, John Cage, Pierre Schaefer, Stockhausen.

Making Time – The Formation of Clock DVA

The first “official” release “WHITE SOULS IN BLACK SUITS” (Industrial records 1980) Which many mistakenly believe to be the first sound and first release of DVA, again, most people are only aware of DVA from The White Souls / Thirst period and so are not aware of the original Electronic beginnings.

There was only a very limited amount of material released during the early period of 77 to 79 these were private cassette editions produced by ClockDVA on DVAtion and only a very few people heard that material. One very Notable and supportive individual and an honorary member of TAG was Jhonn Balance of Coil. In fact, the name Coil was the title of an early DVA track, Johnn wrote to Adi asking if he had any objection for him to use the name of the track for his new group project off course Adi was happy for him to use it and the rest is history, The group Coil was born.

During the early DVA formative period numerous individuals where auditioned but they proved to be unsuitable in many ways, The third real member of DVA was DJ TYME AKA David, James Hammond, Guitar and Treatments, an important element in the early DVA, DJ Hammond was also a key contributor to “White Souls in Black Suits”, and the Tracks “4 Hours” and “Blue Tone” on the Album “Thirst” Simon Kemp was brought in to do Electronic Rhythms but also provided some synthesizer work on some of the early DVA period recordings again the details and specifics of these will be fully detailed in the Book within “Horology” This Line up was the first DVA group, as technically Jud and Adi were a Duo and consequently all additional members were invited into the group format.

For a short period prior to forming ClockDVA Adi Newton was one of the three members of the Future who later went on to form The Human League and later as Heaven 17 a name taken from the Music Chart listing in the Film A Clockwork Orange. The Future’s music explored the boundaries of experimental electronics which was fueled by their mutual infatuation with futurisism in alls its varied forms. The band produced a number of recordings including versions of “Almost Medieval”, “Blank Clocks”, “Dancevision”, “Looking for the Black Haired Girls” and “Future Religion”. Shortly after there formation Adi Newton departed due to a conflict in ideas the Future was based purely on Electronic music no Acoustics, Newton felt restrictions placed by this doctrine would limit possibilities he wanted to explore and so they where divided Newton was replaced by Philip Oakey and the future ended as quickly as it had begun they changed their name to The Human League and released “Being Boiled” the rest is history. Unfortunatley the Human Leagues intresting beginings did not continue after the departure of Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh.

Recordings from the Future »

In 1981, BEF / Virgin Records were to release an album of the Future Recordings entitled THE FUTURE TAPES (Virgin Records OVED 4 [LP [UK]1981) but this project has remained unreleased due to legal problems between Heaven 17 /BEF & Philip Oakey (Human League ). Future tracks can still be found on various bootlegs like Human League’s IN DARKNESS (1978-DARK DAWN). Shortly after his departure from The Future, Adi Newton teamed up with his friend Stephen “Judd” James Turner and formed ClockDVA. They devised the name ClockDVA partialy from the Nadsat Language contained in the glossary of the novel A CLOCKWORK ORANGE by Anthony Burgess. DVA means “2” in Russian, the further numerological and cabalistic references can be found within the sleeve notes contained on the Buried Dreams Album a fuller in depth analysis will be publish in the ClockDVA archive. The Clock element was adopted as a symbol of Surrealism and the mechanics of Time.

ClockDVA recruited two additional members David James Hammond for Guitar and Treatments and Simon Mark Elliot Kemp for Electronics/Synthesizer. The earliest recordings made where by Newton / Turner these form the basis of “6 Theraputic Tape Loops “a project devised by Newton / Turner to act as audio therapy a form of ambient music the project will be released on Anterior Research special projects series in the Near Future.