DVAtion 78/79/80

Extreme Frequency Manipulation Experiments

Horology 1 – DVAtion 78/79/80  //  This outstanding black finelinen Book-like Folder-Set includes Clock DVA’s first four official tape-releases released on Mastermind Adi Newton’s DVAtion-label between 1978-80: Lomticks of Time (DVAtion 01) 2nd (DVAtion 02) Deep Floor (DVAtion 03) Fragments (DVAtion 04), plus the unreleased 1979 Small Wonder 12″ EP Sex Works Beyond Entanglement plus additional 78-80 archive-material.

The Box and the accompanying Booklet and DVD covers the time period before Clock DVA released one of music-history’s Milestones on Industrial Records; White Souls in Black Suits. It covers the earliest stage of Clock DVA, a time of Extreme sounds, Noises and Subversive Ideas & Images that will definitely be a mind-blowing revelation to all those that think to know Clock DVA’s work and history.

Back in 1977 and before Clock DVA’s first incarnation Adi Newton has been a founding member of the pure electronic synthesized Sheffield-based project “The Future”. It consisted of Adi along with Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh who both went on to form the more accessible and commercial pop groups “The Human League” and shortly after “Heaven 17.”

The music on this 6Lp-Box gives you the true picture of DVA,s Development and Chronology and leads you to the earliest s roots of New Wave and Industrial Music. These recordings will change your perception of Clock DVA and give you access to music that defies categorisation, music that is both melody and Anti Melody, Noise and pure form Acousmatic, HOROLOGY A chronology of Dvation 1978/1979/1980. Definitely another Milestone in VOD’s Label-History.

Horology 1 Contents

Lomticks of Time (1978)  –  Technical Data

Side 1  (Front Cover)

Extreme Frequency Manipulation Experiment 5:34
Film of our Death (intro sequence) 3:56
Lomticks of Time 3:30
Clockverge 3:09
Oeudipus 3:49

Side 2  (Back Cover)

And then He 2:20
Plastic 2:54
Alien Tapes 3:23
Art Meckanics 4:44
Antipathy 4:25
Film of our Death (end sequence) 3:58

2nd-I  –  Technical Data

Side 1  (Front Cover)

Edge 2:56
1958 3:32
Mass 6:18
Le Viol 7:02
Constructivists 4:07

Side 2  (Back Cover) 

Sonambulists 6:40
Female Mirror 4:56
Sexual Overture 5:59
Reel 1 3:33

2nd-II  –  Technical Data

Side 1  (Front Cover)

Otto M 13:47
Genitals & Genosis (The Texture Of Two Tape Recordings) 11:58

Side 2  (Back Cover)

Soundtrack for the Theatre of Eroticism 16:03
Now Haag 04:00

Sex Works Beyond Entanglement –  Technical Data

Side 1  (Front Cover) 

1.30 1:19 7
DC (Seven Day Cycle) 3:46
Antigone 4:15
Extreme Frequency Manipulation Experiment 2 4:08
The Pop Hell (first Version) 6:32
The Horla 2:48

Side 2  (Back Cover) 

The Pop Hell 2 5:20
Throbbing Sweeping Obscene 6:17
1958 (first Version) 4:15
The Edge (first Version) 3:20
Constructivists (first Version) 5:02

Deep Floor  –  Technical Data

Side 1  (Front Cover)   

Prior to Intercourse 7:52
Through Latex Mirrors 9:23
Porn Time 8:09

Side 2  (Back Cover)

A Vorticists Assemblage of Cylinders 8:01
Primal Eroticism 2:43
The Obscene 5:57
Time Come 3:51
2 Figures through Glass 4:25

Fragment –  Technical Data

Side 1  (Front Cover)

Ghost Trio No. 2 5:28
Cage 7:44
You’re without Sound 4:15
Brigade 3:36
Formlessness 3:41
Prepared Piano 2 2:35

Side 2  (Back Cover)

Fragment of Hysteria (Charcot Institute)
Film Soundtrack 22:53

Flowers Of Evagination  –  Technical Data

Side 1  (Front Cover)

Flowers of Evagination 4:05

One Minute of Silence for the Death of Sid Vicious
followed by White Noise (Live Halifax, 1979)* 2:02

Side 2  (Back Cover)

Synchronmesh 2:36
Phonophilia Machine 2:20

DVD  –  Technical Data

Segment 1

7 DC (Seven Day Cycle)  4:06

Segment 2

PTI – Through Latex Mirrors
(The Enigma Of Isidore Ducasse) 9:32