Horology 3

The Transfiguration Of Memory

Horology 3  –  The Transfiguration of Memory   //  Presented as a comprehensive approach to recondition the early years of ClockDVA, the set surveys a gathering of energies onto tape at Adi Newton’s Sheffield studio, documenting the R&D that underlined ClockDVA’s alchemical formulations of alien synths and possessed vocals. All of the material was previously issued on tape only and has remained the preserve of collectors ever since, who know these recordings contain the seeds of some of industrial music’s greatest work.

All recorded by Adi Newton on various tape loops, EMS synthi, electric violin and devices, with some assistance from Steven Turner (bass, treatments), D Tyme (guitar, treatments) and Simon Mark Elliot-Kemp (synths), the 4 discs are littered with glimpses of the band’s prescient, primal-futurist genius that would come into full effect on ‘White Souls in Black Suits’, their debut for Throbbing Girstle’s Industrial Records, that would force them into wider view of the nascent industrial network, and beyond the Sheffield scene they shared with the likes of Martyn Ware and Phil Oakley – Adi Newton’s former bandmates in The Future.

From rawest drones to pulsing atonality and deeply eerie sci-fi styles that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Radiophonic release, the music is stark but sensuous, laced with a darkside northern appeal that could be attributed to the state of its bleak socio-economics – power cuts, cold war threats, Thatcher, Peter Sutcliffe – and which patently resonated with listeners across the world, leading ClockDVA to be ranked in the pantheon of post-punk/industrial musick’s most uncompromising and definitive groups.

Horology 3 Contents

Tape, Reel – Recordings & Art  1979 – 1980  –  Technical Data

LP 01 – Side 1  (Front Cover)

1. PTI (Through Latex Mirrors)
2. Theatre of Eroticism 2
3. Reversal of Light
4. TSO (Throbbing Sweeping Obscene)
5. Time Loops (The Texture of two tape recordings Genitals & Genosis )

LP 01 – Side 2  (Back Cover)

6. Butcher Bacon Window Pain
7. Fragment 3 Through Latex Mirrors PTI Soundtrack
8. Mass
9. Resonator
10. Chronons

LP 02  –  Technical Data

LP 02 – Side 1  (Front Cover)

11. Tape Treatment
12. The Time Come
13. The Transfiguration of memory by liquid pain
14. Installation section 1 (Genitals and Genosis / The Texture of two tape recordings )
15. Fragment 1 Through Latex Mirrors PTI soundtrack

LP 02 – Side 2  (Back Cover)

16. Fragment 2 Through Latex Mirrors PTI soundtrack
17. Oedipus
18. The Girl
19. Room
20. The Theatre of Eroticism ( Extract )
21. Post Future Theme 1
22. 1.51
23. Ocean

LP 03  –  Technical Data

LP 03 – Side 1  (Front Cover)

24. Windscale
25. Film of our death
26. Synchromesh
27. Plastic
28. Sex Textures
29. Lomticks of Time
30. Post Future Theme

LP 03 – Side 2  (Back Cover)

31. Susan’s Party
32. Somnambulist
33. Tape Treatment 2
34. Mass 2
35. Mechanism
36. live intro Chainsaw Massacre treated excerpt

LP 04  –  Technical Data

LP 04 – Side 1  (Front Cover)

37. 2.28
38. Pretty Strangely Girl
39. Primal Synthesis
40. I am David The One
41. Post Future Theme 3
42. Film of our Death V2
43. Clockwork People V2

LP 04 – Side 2  (Back Cover)

44. Chronons Pt 2
45. Lomticks of Time Instrumental
46. Throbbing Sweeping Obscene End Sequence
47. Oedipus
48. Post Future Theme 4
49. The Time Come / Instrumental
50. 1958

Index of Works / Writings  –  Technical Data

Index of Works  (Front Cover)

This LP sleeve contains letters, rare pictures and selected writings by Adi Newton