Multidimensional Research

Recordings 1980 and Beyond

“Adi Newton has long since described the process of making music as his research.It represents a more thoughtful and reflective body of work than that which dominates his peer group. In particular, Newton’s grasp of the philosophical connotations of technology placed him apart from the majority of its practitioners.” NME.COM First For Music News..

Adi Newton began his life long involvement with Sound via Painting and through a theatre Project which began his involvement with the electronic Trio The Future from which he founded ClockDVA and TAGC / The Anti Group both of which are increasingly considered as one of the pre eminent pioneers of 80’s experimental music.The CDVA acclaimed albums include the 1988 electronic masterpiece BURIED DREAMS & the 1980 electro acoustic THIRST While TAGC can site the Meontogical Research Recording series and the Ambisonic landmark Digitaria as much appraised and influential works.

TAG/C Sonography

HA ZULU  (Front Cover / Embossed)

Side 1
Zulu  6:24

Side 2
Ha  6:36

ShT  (Front Cover / Embossed)

Side 1
Sunset Eyes Through Water
Further & Evident Meanings

Side 2
Morpheus Baby
New Upheaval

Big Sex  (Front Cover / Embossed)

Side 1
Big Sex 8:35

Side 2
Big Sex 5:23
The Ocean 7:43

The Delivery  (CD – Front Cover)

The Delivery  23:04
Morpheus’ Baby  4:09
Zulu   9:41
Ocean  6:29
Love Flowers In The Desert  2:32

Meontological Research Recording
Record 1
(Front Cover)

Side 1
Sonochemistry  23:54

Side 2
Synthesis 54 (Burning Water)  23:44

Meontological Research Recording
Record 2 – Teste Tones
(Front Cover)

Side 1
Test Tone 40Hz Featuring – Isol B. Rubin* –  0:13
Teste Tones  –  5:46
E.P.M.D.  –  5:28
A.A.A.  –  9:55

Side 2
Magnesia  –  4:55
Magnetic Pharmacology  –  17:20


Side 1
Blood Burns Into Water 3:03
Dog Star 4:25
Balag Anti 8:32
Chozzar Over Abyss 2:16
Pre-Eval 5:09

Side 2
Ghost Cultures 7:08
Noosphere 8:23
Lux Nox 8:46

Iso-Erotic Calibrations (CD Cover)

Iso-Erotic Calibrations 6:48
Union With Sirens 8:01
Mercurius 4:49
Annals Of Sanctity 5:20
Neurological Engineering 10:26
Psychophonophilia 7:40
Ethermeral 6:47

“Burning Water” Film Soundtrack

Side 1
Burning Water – SO36 – 26:20

Side 2
Burning Water – ARS Electronica

Anterior ARR 004/ Side Effects DFX 17

“Burning Water”, develops new forms of visual expression.. Inspired by the use of multiple montage techniques employed by Kenneth Anger. Each image in the film is taken from specific occult areas,

symbols and images, and up to quintuple exposures of the film i.e. five montage-levels then computer software was used to treat the entire edited film and finally achieved the results, with a film which relates directly to the subconscious levels of the mind, a kinetic Rorschach-test, an exploration of the resurgent atavistic and sentient symbolic systems, used by Austin Osmon Spare, “Burning Water” is an alchemical and technological enquiry into sub-states of being. A meontological visualisation beyond analytical analysis.

Burning Water 1986 / 1989.
Programming / Production Adi Newton / Robert.E.Baker