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Metaphysical Synthesis

Aural Experiments  –  TAGC Formation   //

The idea of The Anti-Group Communications is the effect of the unrestrained artistic instinct of Adi Newton, spiritus movens of the legendary Clock DVA. Versatility and musical knowledge started to split the frames of his best-known band. The plan of this project was to concentrate on artists and theoreticians from different communities, realizing subsequent, single projects as a multimedia collective. T.A.G.C. was supposed to be a sort of active platform, an interdisciplinary unit specializing in art and research, a fluctuating organization grouping musicians, visual artists, film-makers, etc. documenting their experiments under the name T.A.G.C. The open organism of T.A.G.C. included an experiment, excluding any limits. As in Adi Newton’s most works, also all performances by T.A.G.C. are accompanied by broad theoretical research, effects of which are released by Anterior Research Recordings.

Academic descriptions touch the subjects of aural experiments, psychoacoustics, experiences with psychoactive frequencies of sound. From sound stimulation of the brain activity, through testing the role of frequency and rhythm used in voodoo rituals. From evoking hermetic ideas from the past to penetration of the concealed experiments of contemporary military laboratories. Reaching directly for audio documents of T.A.G.C. We receive the music surprising with diversity. Unpredictable products of T.A.G.C. contain contemplative pieces, reaching the limits of the Universe, quasi-free jazz, spheric and ethnic music; no wave, electroacoustic ritual music, and hits which would do well on the industrial dancefloor.


The Anti Group  –  Meontological Research and Development   //

T.A.G.C. audio recordings are released on Newton’s Anterior Research Recordings label. The theoretical underpinnings of these recordings, which are often primarily psychoacoustic experiments or carefully constructed aural rituals, are made explicit in the lengthy liner notes which accompany most releases. Adi Newton with his creative partner Jane Radion Newton re-activated T.A.G.C. for a live multimedia performance at Equinox Festival, London in June 2009. In 2013 T.A.G.C. performed at the Incubate festival in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

The acronym T.A.G.C. is also intended to represent the four nucleotides that make up DNA (thymine, adenine, guanine, and cytosine).

Meontological Trance-Communications

Videography and Visual Audio Research


Teste Tones


Burning Water




Iso Erotic Calibration




The Denizens

TAGC The Paradigm of Possibilities

Pioneering Sound Research Experiments

By Dir A Newton.

TAGC are not affiliated to any one system of philosophy or epistemological paradigm or occult fraternity but are open more to individual systems and innovative thinkers Science, Art, Music Sonology, Visual Arts, Literature, Research & Publication are its main areas of focus. Over the years ideas and occult philosophy of various individual practitioners have been a focus of exploration and research within TAGC projects, but there are always connections to other areas of research within those projects in some our aim is to highlight and discover new connections and correspondences between systems of thought and the systems of technics similar to Bernard Stiegler’s concept of technics which has emerged recently as an important contribution to studies of the relation between technology, time and the human spirit. by exploring the possibilities of the technology of spirit, to bring forth a new “life of the mind.”

The original idea for the Anti Group was devised by A. Newton & S.J. Turner (R.I.P) as early as 1978, with the intention of the formation of a multi-dimensional research & development project active in many related areas. Strictly speaking, TAGC are not a group, but a variable collection of individuals contributing under invitation. Underlining this basic idea lays the deeper philosophical and theoretical work of TAGC; The C derived from Communications and to also infer the DNA code of genetics. The primary concern of TAGC is the systematic research and development and documentation and the expansion of the connections and concepts that are explored and experimented within the fabric of sound, and its theoretical possibilities and its advancement. Also, the expansion of Consciousness whether via applied use of computers and audio-visual technology or via arcane systems of Magick or other Occult or esoteric sciences. In the Occult field of study the work and ideas of such individual thinkers pioneers such as Kenneth Grant, Beverly Randolph Paschel, Micheal Bertiaux, Jack Marvel Whiteside Parsons, have been a focus, but the areas of investigation are not restricted to esoteric or occult fields. As an Audiovisual and research organization the role of TAGC is within several practice areas, and from very early in the formational period of TAGC the application of Psychophysics and the development and the use of frequencies and Psychoacoustics exploring the theoretical ideas of Harry Grindal Mathews, Vladimir Gavreau Gustave Fechner et al have been engaged upon.

The Meontological Research Recordings series 1/2/3 have focused on the pioneering experiments conducted by Michael Bertiaux of the OTOA and the ‘La Couleuvre Noire’. ‘Bertiaux has developed a system of esoteric engineering – a form of metamathematical reality. The Meontological series is based on Bertiaux’s neologism MEON. Ontology is the science of the metaphysics of being – MEONTOLOGY, therefore, goes beyond this to a fourth-dimensional extension of parapsychology, and concerns areas beyond current maps and explore ideas that seem to have existed anterior to modern man and from extraterrestrial origins. (see also TAGC article in Antibodies Journal 2010 ).The implications and meanings would be impossible within the context of this Biography to fully document or explain in its fuller context.

The Third Meontological recording Transmission from the Trans-Yoggothian Broadcast Station takes the form of a BOOK & DVD
For Recording 3 TAGC have researched areas of outsider science and Pataphysical ideas derived from Alfred Jarry, Meontological Research Recordings 3 explores some of the central ideas expressed in the Micheal Bertiaux, Coulier Noire and Kenneth Grants Cult of Lam and Jack Whiteside Marvel Parsons /Marjorie Cameron ,It also explores new developments of the implicit science that exists behind esoterics. The Micheal Bertaux piece is a direct collaborative Film/audio piece based on the original Paintings and Drawings by Micheal Bertaux exclusively from his new works from Vudu Cartography (Fulger Press ) and from his older works ,also paintings and Drawings by Alfred Jarry, This Long-awaited third recording in the Meon Series is a DVD Book featuring collaborative contributions from Micheal Bertiaux, & Barry William Hale, this piece is based around Legion 49 and Teratological and Patapyshical concepts, Introductory forward piece by David Beth, La Société Voudon Gnostique. Each Audio piece is synchronized to an audiovisual Invocation. Recordings use actual Biological radio recordings and Earth radio transmissions & ELF information, Films employ multiple montages and image manipulation. A fourth Meontological recording is planned for 2020 Based on Sensory Auditory Perception and Research based on Isolation tank experiments.